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Save Up to 30% with 60 days Service Warranty, 12 points servicing with extensive vehicle inspection, free labour and 20 points AC check. Get your service done at the doorstep or free Pick and Drop.

Comprehensive Inspection


Start from 999*, 150 Points Inspection with the option of Express report. Your car would be inspected by an expert panel to give you a detailed review of all the pros and cons. Easy payment options.

Body Work


Save Up to 25% or competitive estimate of any repair work by our associate service partner. Assured of Genuine Spare Parts, Nearest Workshop, Transparent Billing and avail free Pick and Drop.

Comprehensive Detailing


14 points exclusive Interior cum Exterior detailing including Dashboard & Door Handles Polishing, leather/vinyl dressings and Machine Compounding / Polishing. Get your service done at the doorstep or free Pick and Drop.

At CheckMyGaadi
Now drive carefree for one year while not an apprehension of Service and Maintenance of your car that too whereas not going anywhere.We tend to perceive the importance of care and so the time and worth involved in maintaining your vehicle. Our unambiguously designed ‘Smart Care’ Pack offer you absolute sill convenience and assist you to save lots of on your time and money.
Best Doorstep Car Service

Offering the best solution for your car
Whether its a doorstep service or a free pick up…..

Always Open for U
Browse through our kind Car services or Pack, choose the service you wish or call us to talk to our specialists……

Unbeatable Costs
With the simplest evaluation and numerous discounts and offers, we tend to perpetually look after your hard-earned money and get you save up to 40% on our services and repair…


We don’t simply serve however, we tend to look after our clients comfort and that’s why we incline to bring threshold service with advantages for you…..

Your convenience is our mission and that’s how we offer doorstep service, Detailing, Minor repairs and if needed just in case for any major work…….

Cost Efficient
We generally comprehend the estimation of your well-deserved cash and that show we guarantee the most ideal arranged rates……


CheckMyGaadi is a longtime whole for automotive review services and serving numerous Patrons and Corporates purchasers for locating the simplest automotive of their selection and serving to them to spot problems and issues in an exceedingly automotive they’re about to purchase. We spent 2+Yrs to serve our customers in creating a well privy and right call once it involves buying their new Pre in hand automotive with their hard-earned cash. We tend to get thorough experience in automotive review and valuation business and conjointly consistent worked towards building the widest network of picked and chosen service supplier for our customer’s comfort….

Road Side Assistance
Road Side Assistance
2 National Service, 24/7.Our exclusive Service partner offers Road Side Assistance (RSA) package is a 24×7 emergency support provided in the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic accident of vehicle.
Body Work
Body repair
Save up to 30%.We provide a wide range of custom dent repair and car painting services for all makes and models with free pickup and drop at your doorstep.
Interior detailing
10 points exclusive detailing.Our Car detailing package with extensive INTERIOR including Interior vacuum, dashboard polishing, Steam Deodorizing, leather/vinyl dressings etc.
Premium Service
Save Up to 30% with 60 days Service Warranty.22 position full engine service includes extensive vehicle inspection, engine and radiator flushing, full body noise test, wheel alignment & balancing, etc.
Pre Own Car Inspection
150 Points Inspection.We send our knowledgeable panel at a really nominal rate to examine the automotive you would like to buy and provides you with a detailed review with all the pros and cons in order that you don’t need to assume a lot of concerning it.
AC Service
20 point AC check.On your requirement, our partner trained and experienced mechanics check for all the faults associated with the air conditioning system like leaks, faulty compressor etc.
We also Specializes in...
Doorstep Periodic Maintenance
Doorstep Services + 12 month validly + Save Up to 40% + Service Warranty
Doorstep Detailing & Wash
Our auto detailing package with extensive INTERIOR and EXTERIOR services including shampoo and hand Wax and many more
Road Side Assistance
Our exclusive Service partner offers Road Side Assistance (RSA) package is a 24×7 emergency support provided.
Doorstep General Service
Doorstep Services + Save Up to 30% + Service Warranty.
Doorstep Repair Service
We provide a wide range of custom repair solutions for your car with free pickup and drop at your doorstep.
Intensive Inspection
150 Plus Points car checkup done by our expert service engineer.
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Services FAQ’s

Why CheckMyGaadi?

CheckMyGaadi offers Periodic Comprehensive Service which is an important service to optimize the performance, reliability, safety, durability and resale value of the car. CMG also provide a wide range of custom repair solutions for your car from doorstep to free pickup and drop at your doorstep and 150 Plus Points Car check-up by our expert service engineer.


We offer Periodic Maintenance Service with 12-month validity under SMART CARE at your doorstep for your car to keep the car in fit and healthy condition to avoid the breakdown and failures in future.

Why should I choose CheckMyGaadi ?

Doorstep Services + Save Up to 40% + Service Warranty.

We offer a sense of complete trust and control to you. Our pricings are the most economical and beneficial you get in this space.

How I Save My Time & Money With CheckMyGaadi ?

We understand in this fast pace world time is money. So we designed our services and processes according to your needs. You can easily book car service or repair at your doorstep or at our workshops near you. We will provide free pickup and drop so that you can sit back and enjoy your day while we take care of your car.

How and where can I book a car service with CheckMyGaadi ?

You can book a CMG car service directly from our website or on call on 9990638793. We have made booking a car service/repair in 3 easy steps. Just select you Car’s make, model and fuel type, select the type of car service you require, choose your preferred time slot and Enjoy!

We Service & Repair these type of vehicles
Great place to get your car repaired. They are honest, trusted, and have competitive pricing. They only fix what needs to be fixed and don’t try and up-sell you on unnecessary things
SachinOur Customer
Affordable pricing, and quick service. I had my A/C serviced in about 45 minutes while I waited and now the summer heat is tolerable. Great people, great service!
Rajat BihalOur Customer